Bridging to BrandMeister

Bridging is defined as connecting a talk group to another server which allows user to connect to. BrandMeister supports OpenBridge, XLX, YSF, NXDN Reflectors and connection to WiresX nodes.

General Information

Even though BrandMeister supports the ability to bridge to reflectors and servers each Master Server Admin has discretion of reviewing and approving bridge connections. Please be respectful and patient when requesting a bridge connection.

USA Master Server Bridging Rules

  • Do not re-bridge talk group(s) provided to your bridge. Any bridge connection which shows re-bridging to another server(s) will be disconnected without notice.

  • No Peer Bridging. Peer Bridging is defined as the use of either the MMDVM or DM protocols by using a hotspot or other software which uses MMDVM or DM protocol to bridge reflectors or servers. Please request the appropriate bridging protocol (OpenBridge, XLX Interlink, etc.) when wishing to bridge talk groups to BrandMeister.

  • Review of Bridge and/or Connection status which do not show traffic of more than 60 days or is not showing connected may be disconnected / removed without notice. Please monitor your servers/reflectors to ensure they are online and operating properly.

  • New Bridges will only be provided up to 5 Talk groups which are hosted by BrandMeister (see below on what can be provided)

What can or cannot be Bridged

  • TAC 310-312 may be provided to CBridges Only and at the discretion of the Master Server Team.

  • TAC 313-319 are not allowed to be bridged. The talk groups are only available to users who connect a using a device directly to BrandMeister (Repeaters and Hotspots).

  • 3100 USA Nationwide TG - may be provided to CBridges Only and at the discretion of the Master Server Team. This is a DMR Only Channel, and no other modes are permitted.

  • 91x Global talk groups may be provided to CBridges Only and at the discretion of the Master Server Team.

  • Statewide Talk Groups (4-digit) will only be provided if the source is not being provided by another server. Please do your homework to find out if a Statewide talk group is originating from another source. You may start by looking at the USA Wiki where state talk groups are listed and last known provider of the Statewide talk group. This at the discretion of the Master Server Team.

  • 5 Digit, 6 Digit and 7 Digit Talk Groups may be provided if you are part of the group, it is your personal Radio ID or Repeater ID or received permission of the originator of the talk group. Please do your homework to discover the originator of the talk group and provide permission of being able to bridge. This at the discretion of the Master Server Team.

  • Outside of USA MCC (31x) will may be provided if you receive permission of the Admin Team of the MCC of the requested Talk Group.

  • Bridging to other networks will not be provided any new bridges to any other networks (DMR+, FreeStar,FreeDMR, etc, etc).

  • This is a Digital Network - Remember this is a digital network and primarily is a DMR network with some cross mode connections to C4FM (System Fusion), Dstar (XLX), etc. Analog bridges are not supported and we will not provide a bridge to any analog based server/network other than what is supported directly from Brandmeister (Hose for example).

Supported Bridging Protocols

  • Openbridge (HBLink, IPSC2 Servers, etc)

  • XLX Server (must have vocoders installed, we wont provide)

  • Wires-X

  • YSF

  • NXDN


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