Set On Air Status at RadioID

How to set your repeater ID to On Air Status.


BrandMeister USA Servers now check Radio IDs and Repeater Calls signs when repeaters (6-digit systems) connect to any of the master servers. This means you will need to make sure your Radio ID is set to On Air and also the call sign used matches the Repeater Call Sign entered into Radio Alias or Call Sign.

Set On Air Status on

1.) Navigation to and log in.

2.) Click on the Repeaters Link on the left Menu Navigation.

3.) Click on the Radio ID which needs to be set to On Air Status. (Example of what you might see)

4.) Under the Repeater Status select On-Air/Visible.

5.) Click the save button at the bottom of the page.

6.) Allow up to 10 minutes after you click save for the information to be sent to BrandMeister. Once it is synced you will now see the repeater in your My Repeaters Menu if you are the trustee of the repeater. (The Trustee is set at RadioID as well and is typically the person who requested the Radio ID for the repeater).

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