Allows owners/trustees to assign other sysops to their repeater sysop dashboard in BrandMeister.

Add additional Sysop Users

1.) Under the Sysops section as shown above, click on the "+ Add a sysop to" button at the top right in the sysop section.

2.) a dialog box will appear as shown below. Type in the call sign of the user to add. NOTE: the user to add must have a BrandMeister Account. See Register for an Account.

3.) Select the Roles you wish the user to be assigned. Read Settings: Only allows the user to read all settings Write Settings: Allows the user to change any information. Manage Sysops: Allows the user to assign or remove other sysops.

4.) Click Add Sysop. The user now will see the repeater in their dashboard under "My Repeaters" on the left navigation.

Remove Sysop

1.) Click on the "Delete" button next to the person you wish to remove.

Not seeing repeater in dashboard or My Repeater.

Here are some typical reasons not initially seeing your sysop rights to a repeater.

  • You may need to log out and log back in for the profile to update with your new assigned rights.

  • You may need to refresh your browser or cache for it to show.

  • You have not been provided with the sysop rights as of yet and will need to request access if not done so already by the repeater owner/trustee or is till in progress being added by the BM Admin Team.

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