General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions related to Hot Spots connecting to BrandMeister.

Is the Self Care Password the same as the Hotspot Security Password?

No, The hotspot security must be set in the Self Care Portal under the respective Radio ID (if you have multiple radio IDs and using them you will need to set them per each Radio ID in your profile).

Will I need to have a unique password for each hotspot I have connected to BrandMeister?

You will set the hotspot security password for the Radio ID that is being used and then may use that same password on the multiple devices if using the same Radio ID for each one (plus the alias id if using multiple hotspots).

Will I need to enter a password each time I start my hotspot?

No, once you set it in your hotspot it will save in your hotspot configurations (Pi-Star, BlueDV, OpenSpot, etc).

How Can I remove a hotspot ID that is in my self-care dashboard?

IDs will be removed over time and won’t hurt being in your profile. You may ignore it or reuse it later if you choose. Please be patient as these are manually removed by the Dev Team.

My Hotspot is showing disconnected what can I do?

Make sure the hotspot security password you entered is entered the same into your hotspot password field. It is case sensitive. You may need to retype it manually or observe if you have accidently copied a space at the beginning or end of the password when you copied and pasted it.

I have multiple Radio IDs and I use them on my hotspots, do I need to set a password for each Radio ID?

Yes, you will need to set a password for each Radio ID you are using.

Why are we being asked to set a hotspot security password? Are we being punished?

The system was designed to provide security for users when using their Radio ID and this is one of the options we are now enabling to help users from having their Radio IDs used by other uses when using hotspots. Further this helps with users who do type in incorrect Radio IDs and may cause some interference with others including other hotspots and repeaters.

Do I need to sign up somewhere to set my hotspot security?

Yes, you will need to register for a Self-Care account. You can do so by going to Register | BrandMeister or by visiting the dashboard and clicking on the Register link at the top right of the website. When you register an email confirmation will be sent to you. Once you receive this and follow the instructions your account will be placed into a review status and a BM Team member will review and approve the account. Please be patient and allow upwards of 24 to 48 hours for review/approval. If you did not receive an email within an hour or two please check your spam filter/box and if still not found please contact the support team at

I need step by step instructions on how to set hotspot security on self-care and or on my hotspot.

You may find general setup instructions by going to our news portal where we posted this announcement at or click this link to view a quick YouTube video on the step by steps.

I set the hot spot security in self-care but do not see it in the text box field?

This is normal for the password not to be displayed. If the Hot Spot Security is enabled the password is stored. If you forget or need to change the password, simply type in the new password and click save and update the password on your hotspot.

Do I need to set a password if I am using Pi-Star for my Repeater?

No, 6-digit MMDVM users will be set to the default password of passw0rd until the new dashboard is developed and released to allow repeater users to change passwords. 6-digit MMDMV repeaters should not have to do anything at this time. If you are using a 7-digit or 9-digit ID for your repeater you can set it in selfcare.

Do I need to set a password for each master server I might connect to?

No, once you set a password in selfcare it is set at a global level and will allow you to connect your hotspot to any master around the world.

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