User Blocked Message

If hearing the message "User Blocked" this means you have activated the loop prevention.

What is Loop Prevention

The loop prevention will block an user radio ID for a period of 1 hour on the master the hotspot is connected to after it has been triggered. This is to prevent two or more hotspots that have been configured to be on the same Frequency, Color Code and are in proximity of each other.

What Triggers Loop Prevention

The Loop Prevention will trigger and block the radio ID for a period of 1 hour if it sees the following:

  • User keys up for less than 2 seconds

  • and user keys more than 5 times

  • and the key ups are within a 60 second period.

I am Blocked, What Can I do to get un-blocked?

You have two options for how to resume using your hotspot.

  • Option 1: You may connect your hotspot to another BrandMeister server.

  • Option 2: Wait 60 minutes for the master server to automatically unblock your radio ID.

What Can I do to prevent this from happening in the future?

To prevent this refer to "What Triggers Loop Prevention" above and keep mindful of how you are interacting with the system.

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