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Repeater Connection Issues

Common Connection issues checklist.

Common things to look for when seeing errors or not able to connect to a Master Server.

  • Make sure you are not using Master 3101 - This is being decommission, choose any other USA Master Server.
  • Verify your Repeater Call Sign is listed first followed by any details such as site name or location. Example W1AW - 1 or W1AW/R or W1AW ARRL HQ.
  • Verify your Repeater Call Sign and 6-Digit ID is the same as registered with You may change the call sign at RadioID if not correct or on the Repeater in the Call Sign/Radio Alias fields to match.
  • MMDVM Repeaters must now set a device password in the Sysop Dashboard, see Device Password. This password is then entered into your Repeater either as hotspot security in pi-star or password in MMDVMHost.