OpenBridge is an open protocol to link DMR servers.

OpenBridge is very simple protocol that allows to send call streams between servers. Protocol is based on MMDVM protocol and supports DMRD packets only.

USA Bridging Policy

Bridges are not guaranteed to be provided and the BM Admin Teams may deny requests for any reason. Bridge request must be able to show benefit to the BrandMeister Community. Users are encouraged to connect devices directly to a BrandMeister server as most features users enjoy today are only available to direct connetions and are not provided to any of the bridge protocols.

Requests will only be fulfilled for users wishing to link their personal 7-digit Radio ID and 6-digit IDs which belong to themselves and or the group affiliated with.

See below of the questions which must be answered in full for review and consideration. Failure to answer all the questions will be denied the request.

  • Why are the talk groups needed? Please provide an answer for each talk group being requested.

  • Have you performed the research and ask the groups of the originating host if you are able to have them provided to you from BrandMeister? Please provide an answer for each Talk group being requested.

  • How does this Benefit the BrandMeister Network/Community?

  • What is the server you are requesting the talk groups to bridge to? (DVSwitch, MMDVM_Bridge, HBlink, etc).

  • How many repeaters and hotspots will be connected to the server this bridge is being connected to?

  • Are you aware that you are responsible for the behavior of your users when devices/hotspots connect to your server and BrandMeister has the right to disable the full connection (all TGs, Bridge Connection) if and when an issue arises and has not been addressed in a timely manner?

  • Are you aware that you are responsible for the upkeep of your server and is not the responsibility of the BrandMiester team to alert you to issues or down connections? (You may of course subscribe to the Groups id, Telegram and Facebook for Master Server changes/outages).

  • Are you aware no re-bridging of any sorts is not permitted when being provided the talk groups? If found the Admin Team may disconnect either the TG and or all connections for violation of this general policy of re-bridging?

How to request a bridge

  1. Open a ticket via our support system at

  2. Make sure to answer the questions above and place them in the ticket if requesting talk groups other than your 7-digit or 6-digit ID which belongs or assigned to you or your group.

  3. Please allow time for the Admin teams to review and provide a response.

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