Wires-X Server

Establishing a connection with BrandMeister

Open a Ticket and request a Wires-X Connection and provide the following:

NOTE: We will not link Wires-X nodes to TG 3100, Statewide Talk groups or TAC channels (310-319) or global talk groups.

Check the following items have been completed/working on your side.

What to expect when connection is established.

You will see a new Node either labeled as BM3103-ND or BM3104-ND.

Traffic will be sent between BrandMeister and the Wires-X Node when there is activity.

If the node goes offline or there are network disruptions, BrandMeister will continually try to establish the connection. There are no limits or connection retries and will continue until successful.

If you are reviewing the logs of the Wires-X node you will notice multiple connects and reconnects. This is normal and should generally be seen every 90 to 120 seconds. Again, this is normal.

Troubleshooting of Connection Loss

If the connection between the BrandMeister Server and your Wires-X suddenly disconnects, please check the following:

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