Hotspot Connection Issues
A list of common issues users run across when connecting their pi-star devices (or other hotspots).

Common things to look for when seeing errors or not able to connect to a Master Server.

    Make sure you are not using Master 3101 - This is being decommission, choose any other USA Master Server.
    Verify you are entering your Hotspot Security Password Properly. (This is not the same password you log into BrandMeister selfcare.). See Setting HotSpot Security.
    Verify your call sign and radio ID are registered and are entered correctly into the hotspot. Call Sign and Radio ID must match the Radio ID registration.
    If you recently changed your call sign, you will need to register for a new Brandmeister account. See Call Sign Change.
    If you recently made a change to your Radio ID on and have a 1xxxxxx ID, you will need to request for a new radio ID as 1xxxxx based IDs will not be updated or imported into Brandmeister. See RadioID not Updating on BrandMeister.
    Make sure your call sign is entered correctly. For those which have a Zero in your call make sure you typed a zero and not the letter O. And for those with a number 1 in your call make sure you typed a number 1 and not the letter L or I.
    If you are using Pi-Star make sure you are running the latest version by performing an upgrade/update in your configuration. Visit the pi-star forums for steps on how to upgrade/update.
    If you are using DMR Gateway would suggest to try connecting with DMR Host (using the first drop down and choosing a master server using pi-star based software).
    If you insist on using DMR Gateway then make sure you have selected the BrandMeister Network Enable Radio Button.
    If this is a simplex hotspot make sure you are using a simplex channel
    If this is a duplex hotspot use different Receive and Transmit Frequencies.
    If using Pi-Star software make sure all fields requiring information is entered correctly. Including the Longitude and Latitude as the correct information entered correctly. (is a missing a decimal, entered correct values, etc.).
    If using Pi-Star software you may consider a fresh load (reinstall) of the software. Sometimes SD Cards get corrupt and or some sort of configuration is not saving/working and by refreshing the software may help to resolve any issues you may be experiencing.
    If using Pi-Star base product: If none of the above resolved your issue please consult the pi-star forums or vendor of product purchased from for further assistance. Here is a list of resources for the Pi-Star Software.
    If using a DVSwitch based Product: If none of the above resolved your issues please consult the DVSwitch or vendor of product purchased from for further assistance.
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