General Steps for setting up the Mumble Application on iOS Devices.

Download Application

Turn off VOX

All mobile clients have VOX enabled as default. Please turn off VOX and enable PTT Mode. See steps below. Users who do not enabled PTT will be blocked. Thank you for understanding.

Step 1: Click on the Preference Link - Top left

Step 2: Click on the Transmission Link

Step 3: Click on Push-to-talk option

Add Connection

Step 1: Click on Favourite Servers Link

Step 2: Click the plus icon top right.

Step 3: Add Server and Call Information. Click Done when completed.

Username - Must have your Call Sign in all CAPS and your DMR ID. (Example: CALL-1234567)

Password - this is your hotspot password for the specific DMR ID in BrandMeister selfcare.

Address - Enter the server address.

Description - Enter any description you like here.

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