Register for an Account

By registering for an account you will be able to manage the many features BrandMeister provides to users of the system including, HotSpot Security, APRS / Alias setting, manage multiple IDs, set hotspot static talk groups, schedules and much more. This also allows for repeater admins to configure statics and repeater information.

Register for an account

Before you can register you must have a Radio ID (DMR ID) issued by If you don't have one please visit to register for a Radio ID. Once you have registered, licensed has been verified and ID issued, please allow up to 2-5 minutes for the IDs to be synced to BrandMeister.

By using the same email used when registering with RadioID, the BrandMeister Registration process will be speed up as we sync information from RadioID.

1.) In your browser go to the BrandMeister Dashboard at

2.) Click on the "Register" link at the top right of the page

3.) Under General Account Details, Enter your Call sign, enter your email account (by using the same email address used with RadioID will speed up the process) and choose "Personal User Account". After you completed this section scroll to the next section.

4.) Under the Security Section type in your password and confirm it. For the Anti Spam question enter in the numerical value only for what is the common wavelength used for amateur radio operations in the UHF Band. (hint ham uses the 420-450 range so the answer is 70).

5.) Click on the "I'm not a robot" and then "Register!" button (the Robot might be a little tricky but please answer it as requested to help protect our systems from SPAM Bots).

6.) You will now receive an email confirmation to your email address you registered with. Make sure you check your spam box or other quarantine filters as the email might get sent to those areas of your email systems. If you don't receive a confirmation email within the next 15 to 30 minutes please contact the support team by submitting a help desk ticket or visit our USA telegram channel. For the support site you will be asked to of course create another account which is specific for the Support System (you wont need to go through a confirmation process for the support system).

7.) Once you confirm the email address you should see the following message after clicking the link in the email confirmation email. ** Take Note of the message, a BrandMeister Account Team member next review your account and then will activate it. If you don't hear back after 48 hours again open a support ticket or visit our USA Telegram Channel. Remember this is a volunteer team, please be patient as it may take time for someone to review and approve the account due and can be longer than the 48 hours to holidays and or the number of accounts being reviewed.

8.) After the account has been reviewed/approved you may log into your account.

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