HotSpot Security

All MMDVM or Homebrew (hotspots) devices connecting to BrandMeister USA must have a password set in the selfcare. Hotspot security helps to protect users from others connecting with your registered ID.

How to set your Hotspot Security

1.) Login to your BrandMeister Selfcare (if you don't have an acount you will need to register, click here for how to register)

2.) On the top right, click on your callsign.

3.) Click on the "SelfCare" Option.

4.) Click on the Radio ID tab of the ID you will be using and then at the bottom of the page, locate the "Hotspot Security" section.

5.) Enter your personalized hotspot password and click "Save". (note, the password box will display an empty value after clicking save. This is normal function of the system. If you forget your password you can retype it here to set it).

Passwords: May be 20 characters or less and should not include special characters. Also be aware if you do copy and paste passwords you may also copy extra characters such as a space. Would recommend if possibly to manually type your passwords both in the selfcare and hotspots.

6.) Please remember what you entered as you will need to now enter this password you set in self care into your hotspot. See the specific hotspots for general step by step instructions by clicking the hotspot you have below.

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