Device Password

MMDVM Based Repeaters now require device passwords to be set.

Motorola Based Repeaters Authentication Keys are a hex value (0-9,A-F) and must be 16 characters or less in length. (As of Jan 1, 2022 we are asking all Motorola Repeaters to set their authentication key and device password).

1.) Go to "My Devices" in the BrandMeister Dashboard/Selfcare and select the repeater (repeater ID link) you wish to set the password.

2.) Scroll down to the bottom and located "Device Password"

3.) Enter a HEX Value password. It should be less than 40 characters and a HEX value. Remember this password as you will need to enter this into your repeater password section.

4.) When you are done click save password. The password will not display in the field after saving and won't be able to see it after you click save. You may at any time return and set a new password if you forgot it.

5.) Now enter the password into your repeater under the Authentication Key under General -> Link Establishment section in the CPS.

6.) Save the code plug and then load it into your repeater.

6.) If all went well your repeater should now connect.

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