Talk Group 31000

Talk Group 31000 - USA Emcomm is for those wishing to talk about Emcomm Related Topics/Issues which may include Weather Related, Emcomm Communications.

The intent of USA Emcomm 31000 is a place for USA Based Amateur Radio Operators to have a channel to talk about topics related to Emergency Communications. This can include Emcomm Topics, Weather Topics (SkyWarn,Spotter, General Weather), and possibly for coordination of national major events if needed by putting in a support ticket for review/approval.

Non-USA Based stations are asked to yield to USA Based Stations and if conversations are going to be long between non-USA Based stations, please move your conversation to a TAC Channel or another Talk group.

This talk group is DMR Only available on BrandMeister. No requests for any other modes or bridges will be granted at this time.

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