Statewide Talk Groups

Statewide calling channel for DMR Users in the state. Statewide are 4-digit talk groups.

What is a Statewide Talk Group

Statewide talk groups are channels for calling and short communications. Statewide talk groups are typically set static on a numerous repeaters through out their respective states. Generally a long conversation is considered 10 minutes or more and should be moved to another talk group. Please be considerate in utilizing these channels as they are keying up dozens of repeaters in the state.

Operating Procedures

  • It is OK to make a call and hold a short conversation (Less than 10 minutes)
  • If your conversation is going more than 10 minutes, move to a TAC Channel or other Talk Group.
  • NETS are allowed to be held on statewide talk groups (if organized with the respective state coordinators/group of the channel)
  • Pause in-between conversations to allow others to jump in and or to make a quick call.
  • Statewide Channels is a DMR only mode talk groups. Bridges to other modes are not generally permitted. This also includes any devices (hotspots, repeaters, etc.) which are not DMR Based are not permitted.
  • If communicating with a station which is not in the state please be considerate and move to a TAC channel or keep the conversation short. Statewide channels are meant for users in the state to use.