TAC Channels

Non-Primary channels aiding in relieving congestion on primary/statewide talk groups. Temporary Channels to continue conversations.

TAC 310-319 are not allowed to be set as static on any of the USA Master Servers. The TAC channels are for those wishing to continue a conversation from another talk group. AKA, No parking Hotspots/Repeaters on 310-319 Talk Groups. TAC Channels are not to be used for initiating contacts. TAC Channels are not to be used for NETS.

What is a TAC Channel

A TAC or Tactical or Talk Around Channel is a virtual talk group which allows for a talk group for users to move to once they establish a call on a State-wide, Global (like 91) or other large area/or high profile talk groups to continue their conversations.

TACS were designed for a temporary usage and not for users to utilize them for a daily channel for groups of users to meet on. See Alterative to TAC Channels for another option for a group of users to utilize daily.

TAC 310-312

TAC 310, 311, and 312 are special talk groups which are a common bridge between BrandMeister and CBridge networks. Please be considerate in their use as these are designed to allow cross communication between the two networks. These are not to be used as a calling channel or for users to park their hotspots on. Again these are a place to allow continued conversations from a larger or high profile talk group to move from.

TAC 313-319

These are BrandMeister only TAC groups and are not bridged to any other network and never will be. These are specific for users of BrandMeister. Please again refrain from using these as calling channels but for usage when calling on talk groups like 91,93, 3100, etc to move to to continue a lengthy conversation. This allows the high profile/high usage talk groups to be free for others to access and call others for a chat.

Alternative to TAC Channels

If all TAC Channels are busy or looking for a channel for a small group to communicate on a regular basis, you may use one of your 7-digit Radio IDs (assigned to you or one of the members in your group) as a talk group. No Approval is needed and can use them immediately.

Steps to begin using your ID 7-digit ID as a Talk Group:

  1. Program your radio by added the 7-Digit Radio ID as a Group Call using the CPS (Customer Programming Software) Program.

  2. Label it as you see fit in the CPS as this will show on your radio Display.

  3. Provide the 7-Digit to others in your group to program into their respective radios.

  4. Finally key up and test it out.

Please do not pick a random talk group to use. It must either be listed in the BrandMeister Talk Group list or use your 7-digit Radio ID or if you have a repeater your 6-digit repeater id.

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