OpenSpot (Shark RF)

General instructions on how to setup a Shark RF Openspot (V 1, 2 & 3) Hotspot using Homebrew Protocol.

Setup your OpenSpot 1 configuration

1.) Start by opening your preferred web browser and enter http://openspot.local or http://openspot or the IP address of the hotspot if you know it. The default password is openspot. Type this in and click the Login button.

2.) Click on the Connectors link on the opt of the navigation bar.

3.) In the Connectors Section, verify/change to "Homebrew/MMDVM and click the Switch to selected button.

4.) Scroll down to the DMR/Homebrew/MMDVM Section on the same page of the Connectors. Enter the following information.

  • Modem receive and transmit frequency - Make sure both these fields have the same valid UHF amateur radio frequency entered. These two fields should be the same frequency for what ever is choosen.

  • Protocol - Select Homebrew

  • Server - Select the preferred BrandMeister Server. (Do not select 3101).

  • Callsign - Enter your Amateur Radio Callsign.

  • DMR ID - Enter your 7-Digit Radio ID and if preferred append two digits to this to create a unique ID if you are using more than one hotspot on the network. So if you have 1 hotspot you can use 01 or if this is a second one use 02 (7-digit Radio ID plus the two digit alias).

  • Server Password - Enter the hotspot security password. If you need to set one or forgot the password please review the Hotspot Security Guide for information.

5.) Click the Save Button. If all information was entered properly your hotspot should now be connected to BrandMeister. On the status page (click on the status menu link on the top navigation) will show under Status as standby. This means the connection has been established and is working and waiting for traffic.

6.) You are now connected and can start to communicate with fellow ham radio operators on BrandMeister.

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