General Settings

The General settings allow sysops to add/update the general information about the repeater.

Priority Message

The priority message is available and will display on the repeater profile page across the top when used. This may be used to notify users or any outages, alerts and general information and is shown in the blue box as shown below when used/saved. This is limited to 100 Characters.


The Description field allows for general information regarding the repeater. This is shown on the repeater profile under the description section. HTML Tags are supported to help with formatting of text information as shown below with the strong tag.

Other Information (Website, Location, Lat/Log, Height, Power, Gain)

The other information including the Website, Location, Latitude, Longitude and Height are available to edit for Motorola and Hytera Repeaters.

MMDVM Repeaters will need to edit this information in their configuration in the Pi-Star or MMDVMHost software as it is provided when the repeater connects to the master server.

Power and Gain can be edited for both Motorola/Hytera and MMDVM Repeaters.

The information is displayed on the repeater profile page on the left side of the page.

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