Talk Group 3100
Talk group 3100 is the main talk group for the United States Amateur Radio Operators on BrandMeister.
The intent of this talk group is a place for USA Based Amateur Radio Operators to have a channel to call to other USA based stations, ask questions, have general conversations and of course use as a calling channel to find other hams to communicate with.
This talk group is bridged with several CBridge systems in the USA. This talk group is fairly popular and is carried by a large number of repeaters and a large number of hotspot users.
All Amateur Radio Stations are welcome to talk on this channel. We ask non-USA based Stations when making a call and have established communication with a station to please move to a TAC or another talk, specially when it is another non-USA based station. This will free up the talk group to allow other USA based stations to make a call.
This channel is a DMR mode talk group and is not bridged with any other mode and any requests to do so will be denied by USA Admin team. This is a DMR Channel only.
Last modified 2mo ago
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