Connecting Hotspots
General steps on connecting RF based hotspots to BrandMeister Servers.

Steps to connecting a hotspot to BrandMeister

The following is the general steps to connecting a hotspot (MMDVM Host, Pi-Star, OpenSpot, DVMega) to BrandMeister. For specific settings/configurations please visit the corresponding information as noted in red with links to the individual articles.
    Have a 7-digit Radio ID assigned to you and your call sign. See to setup a radio ID.
    Setup your BrandMeister Dashboard Account by registering at and clicking on Register at the top right. See Register for an Account.
    Set your Hotspot Security password for the Radio ID you will use on your hotspot in BrandMeister SelfCare. See HotSpot Security.
    Configure your Hotspot by selecting the master, entering in your hotspot password. See the specific hotspot connection information (Pi-Star, OpenSpot, BlueDV)
    Configure your DMR Radio to communicate with the hotspot. Generally Radio and Hotspots need to be set to the same frequency, color code and talk groups setup you wish to communicate on using the CPS and uploading it into the radio.
BrandMeister Servers are in the final stages, as of March 2021, of requiring users to set a HotSpot Security Password when connecting hotspots worldwide. USA Master servers have been required since December 2020.
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